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Foxes & Fowl

The United Church of Canada Campus Ministry @ UBC

Upcoming Events

Festive Dinner

An Afternoon of Calm and Contemplation 

Chapel of Epiphany 

6030 Chancellor Blvd

On the 15th of November @4:30, we will be hosting an afternoon of calm and contemplation over scripture. Reflecting on the book of Luke chapter 12, verses 22-34; timely scripture in this hour of collective human experience. Refreshments to follow   


~Everyone is Welcome~

Student in the reading room

Rule of life

St. Andrews Hall

Starting Wednesday, September 20th @6:30pm

Join us for small group discussion to reflect on our unique passions and abilities and how this can help inform our vocation

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Meet and Greet


The Life building

Weekly Wednesday's,


Come meet our team, we will have a table set up in front of the Chaplaincy office. 

Come say hi and grab a treat!



Foxes & Fowl is the United Church of Canada Campus Ministry, at UBC. As Christians, we believe that our whole lives have to do with God and what God is up to in the world. Our faith needs to find shape and form in whatever we’re doing, wherever we are. In a world that often seems to pull us apart, we’re chasing after the wholeness that God made us for.​We are a community committed to inclusivity and diversity. We strive to create a safe and welcoming space for everyone, unconditionally.COME AS YOU ARE. ALL ARE WELCOME.



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